Our "Plush" offers a perfect balance of soft luxury support, and like our other options, it comes with a quantum edge and an individual pocketed coil system for edge support and motion resistance.

And what does that mean? With many boxed memory foam mattresses, you lose edge support, which can give you an uncomfortable roll out sensation. Also, the quantum edge support comes in handy while putting on a pair of pants or shoes.

With our individual pocketed coil system, you can have the benefits of a memory foam mattress, but with a longer mattress life. You can rest easy that you won't be disturbed by the motion of a partner or your nocturnal cat.

Our "Cool Gel" will disperse your body temperature to insure a comfortable night’s sleep. You're Welcome.

We are Proud that all of our mattresses and their components are 100% made right her in the USA!